Bloco de Espantamentos

«Just putting these up on here so I’ve got them all in the one place. It’s more for my sake, really.» (©)

Finish writing a long-gestating book in four days.

Develop algorithms to manipulate the stock market.

Solve puzzles that previously vexed you.

Easily learn languages.

Recall and execute Bruce Lee moves you watched on TV as a kid.

Move sunglasses and pens around without touching them.

Move people around without touching them.

Speed read.

Predict the future.

Read minds.

Instantly change your hair color (without dye).

Turn people into swirling balls of molecular mass.

Fight like a ninja.

Realize the childishness of comic books.

Squeeze toothpaste with your mind.

Hack into people’s cell-phone calls and other magnetic wave disruptions.

Retain knowledge of how to navigate all of space.


Stay awake forever.

Manipulate your senses so food that taste like “horseshit” to dumb people, tastes good to you.

Throw blue balls of energy and fire, along with other general wizardry skills.


Travel through time.

See any person’s past, present, and future by touching them.

Find the error in the science that made you so smart and predict your own demise.

Feel everything.


PHOTO - An 83-year-old photographer found a box labeled “Mothers” full of images he took almost 50 years ago

Ken Heyman, a renowned and award-winning people photographer, recently uncovered a nearly forgotten treasure in storage – a box labeled “Mothers” that had a beautiful series of images that he shot of mothers around the world nearly 50 years ago.
The 83-year-old photographer shot the images for Family, a book that he co-authored with renowned anthropologist Margaret Mead in 1965. Margaret Mead had been his professor at first, but they later wound up working together on this and other books and projects. Their anthropological collaboration is apparent in the images, as they document motherhood around the world, not just from any one culture’s perspective. l Via & Via

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